Why is an ULTRA high strength probiotic so effective?


The reason is as follows (and this is what 99% of people are missing about probiotics).

As you may know, gut problems – and all the associated health problems – are caused by a deficiency in certain species of good bacteria in the intestine… right?


The view that we are ‘deficient’ in some special species is drawing an analogy with vitamin deficiencies.

And it’s totally wrong.

The key to eradicating gut problems is not by supplementing some ‘special’ species to fill in the gaps in our gut flora.


Problems in the gut are caused by the presence of inflammatory and toxin-producing bacteria.

They are not caused by certain ‘special’ species being absent – not directly, anyway.

Adding small amounts of probiotic bacteria each day for months on end does nothing because it overlooks the reason probiotics actually work:

Ultra high strength probiotics act as targeted anti-bacterial agents within the gut.

This, in a nutshell, is the entire difference between Elixa and conventional probiotics….

Elixa kills off bad microbes which are in your gut causing you problems. It does not aim to replace missing species. That is just an incidental bonus.

Through my development of Elixa I realised that an effective probiotic is one which moves along your entire gut, killing off bad bacteria and yeast along the way.

But how does it do this?

Three ways:

  1. The probiotic species in Elixa produce anti-bacterial chemicals which kill bad bacteria and yeast. (i.e., bacteriocins and fungicins including hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid.)
  2. They also compete with the bad microbes for space on the intestinal lining. If probiotics take over the turf, the bad microbes have nowhere to colonise – so they die.
  3. Their third weapon is out-competing the bad microbes for access to nutrients in the gut. In other words, probiotic bacteria will compete with bad microbes for the available food in the gut (such as from our diet). If probiotic bacteria consume all the available nutrients, the bad microbes have no fuel and they will die off.

And for this anti-microbial activity to take place… you need a much higher concentration of probiotic bacteria than you will find in a conventional probiotic.

Here’s a little secret about the vast majority of normal probiotics…

They haven’t been designed by someone who studies the medical science of human health and the gut.

They have literally been selected from a catalogue (from a generic supplement manufacturer) and just had a different label stuck on them.

Probiotics are ‘hot’ right now because so many medical studies are being released about the importance of gut health on total body health – which is true.

But if you want to realise those benefits for yourself, do not be disheartened when a generic, conventional probiotic doesn’t work that well for you.

The problem is still in your gut. And it can be solved.

Normal probiotics are far too weak to conduct this anti-bacterial and anti-yeast effect that I described above.

A question worth asking at this point is…. how do you know that Elixa Probiotic is the right dose? If it’s 50x the strength of a normal probiotic then how do you know that Elixa is not simply 50x too high?

The answer is straightforward…

Consider how many bacteria are in the gut.

It’s around 39 TRILLION.

This means that a normal probiotic (of around 10 Billion bacteria per dose) is outmatched by a factor of 3,900 to 1!

That’s a drop in the bucket!

This is where Elixa’s 50x potency comes in: the ratio is now only 78 to 1. Which is ideal because this more closely approximates the proportion of gut bacteria which are causing you problems. (since it is only a portion of your gut microbes that are problematic.)

With Elixa you get a sizeable army of beneficial bacteria.

And the proof is in the pudding: Elixa gets to work so quickly that a course is only 6 days long. And once it fixes your issue, I will be the first person to say that you can happily stop taking it.

I do not sell an ongoing, daily version of Elixa – because it’s not needed!

Don’t get roped into taking a useless probiotic every day for months on end. It makes good money for the sellers, but – trust me – when you try something that actually WORKS, you will notice the effect within the first few days.

Think about it: When has any supplement ever suddenly started working out of nowhere, after taking it for several months with no effect?

It’s very rare that ANY supplement needs to be taken that long to see the benefits.

Any time somebody tells you that you need to take their supplement for ‘several weeks’ before it starts working; Run the other way. The body does not react that slowly.

Change happens rapidly when you apply the correct solution.

Elixa Probiotic produces results you will notice within the first few days via its targeted anti-microbial action. The results will speak for themselves. No need to take it for months or even weeks. Within 3 days you will see the changes.

Discard the outdated low-dose approach and transform your gut health with this short-course, ultra high strength approach to probiotics.