How to transform your gut from a toxic pile of inflammatory microbes into a healthy compost heap of beneficial bacteria.

What I learned about radical gut health transformation during my research with rural Ugandans and how this correlates to records from the early 1900s showing similarly dramatic health transformations at the Battlecreek Sanitarium in Michigan, USA.

Gut health is everything.


When you correct your gut, your overall health will be transformed.

But let’s agree on the obvious reality:

Minor changes do not correct gut health.

Even moderate changes – to diet and supplement regime – do not correct gut health.

If they did… then you’d have fixed all your health problems already!

Taking a small probiotic pill each day may help… a little.

Perhaps if you keep taking it… forever.

But you probably know that it’s not going to radically transform your entire health. The kind of radical transformations that DO occur when you truly correct gut health.

I’m talking about…. sleeping like a log every night, being lean, having a clear head and great focus at all times, feeling motivated and positive and happy, having smooth skin and glossy hair…. not suffering from chronic illnesses…. being free of anxiety, irritability, and depression, and many more.

In other words… the type of transformations that I have witnessed during my research in this field, with observations conducted in Uganda studying the effects of certain components of raw milk that dramatically modulate Rwandans’ gut flora.

And time spent studying texts from the early 1900s concerning regimens used to cure chronically ill people at the Battlecreek Sanitarium in Michigan, USA.

The answer was clear:

The solution to transforming overall health is to radically shift your gut flora.

…To change your gut from a toxic mass of inflammatory microbes to a calm compost heap brimming with beneficial bacteria.

And, no – in an adult, it does not involve consuming raw milk…. or anything to do with milk at all, for that matter.

Let’s get started…