You’ve probably tried a dozen different supplements:


…Antimicrobials (herbs, caprylic acid, etc.)

…Leaky gut supplements (glutamine, bone broth, etc.)

…Vitamins and minerals

…Anti-Candida supplements

You’ve also probably tried a range of different diets:

…Low carb.




…Low fat.



These likely had some effect, but definitely didn’t cure you.

And (frustratingly!) all the benefit you were sure that you experienced in the beginning…. ended up reversing back to square one after a few days of stopping the diet.

Very disheartening! I speak from experience.

With some of the diets they even stopped working while you were still continuing them!!

…. Leaving you wondering whether it had really worked in the first place and why it didn’t work now when you hadn’t changed anything else!

So is gut health important?

It’s not just ‘important’. It’s the MOST important determinant of health.

Depression, fatigue, skin problems, allergies, bloating, insomnia, seizures, weight gain, and the list goes on. The vast majority of modern health problems stem from the gut.

I have observed individuals completely transform their health by correcting their gut.

So, that’s the good news. The GREAT news in fact… You are looking in the correct place: the gut.

It’s just that a minor diet change or small pill of probiotic bacteria is not going to cut it…

That’s where Landscaping The Gut comes in. This title is just my way of portraying that your gut needs to undergo a complete overhaul, not a subtle tweak.

But would you expect anything less?

If we’re talking about severe conditions, or conditions that you’ve had for multiple years, it’s hardly surprising that a radical approach would be required.