I’m going to get to the point by making it clear who this information is for.

That way you can know whether you will benefit from the solution I will detail based upon my research and development in this medical field.

Including my observations made while living in rural Uganda and how this surprisingly correlated with text published in 1919 detailing the dramatic health transformations at Battlecreek Sanitarium using lactic acid bacteria.

To begin, here’s a quick question:

How surprised were you when that small capsule taken once per day… or that moderate change in diet… did NOT radically transform your health?

Probably not very surprised at all.

Wouldn’t it be slightly wishful thinking to think that a health condition (which you may have been suffering from for years) would disappear with such a mild and moderate approach?

In fact you may have been more surprised if they DID work for you!

And the same can be said for all the other little things you may have tried or heard about.

‘I need to seal my leaky gut with this supplement!’

‘No, wait… I need to kill Candida with this antimicrobial herb!’

‘Hmm… no I need to change my diet to starve out my SIBO!’

This actually makes sense…

…You aren’t going to transform your gut health with minor changes.

Everyone would be in perfect health if all it took was some minor change.

But the good news is that radical transformation of your gut health is 100% possible. And it doesn’t involve small changes.

And the good news is that it also does not involve changes that you need to maintain permanently.

Think about it: If you had to permanently avoid certain natural foods or permanently take a daily supplement… then clearly you aren’t fully CURED. You’re merely temporarily cured for however long you maintain this restricted diet or daily supplement.

All those people who are lucky enough to have perfect gut health in the first place, are not in that situation because they are taking a daily supplement.

So why would YOU need to take a daily supplement once you had truly transformed your gut health?

You don’t.

The only way to induce radical transformation of your gut (and resolve all the connected health problems) is to use a disruptive, radical, but temporary, intervention…