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Landscaping the Gut

Little tweaks do nothing.

I have observed beneficial transformations of the gut microbiota only after short term, disruptive strategies are applied.

And once the situation is cured… you do NOT need to continue applying this strategy.

Why would you need to? That wouldn’t fit the definition of ‘cured’, would it?

So let’s get down to the details on how to completely disrupt the current ecosystem in your gut and allow it to flourish again from scratch within carefully controlled circumstances to ensure that (instead of a rotting garbage pile filled with inflammatory microbes aggravating your immune system and producing toxic chemicals) you have a calm compost heap filled with beneficial microbes supplying you with beneficial byproducts.

I invite you to watch my presentation right now, for free, and you’ll see that it sheds a lot of light on the frustrating path you’ve travelled trying to cure your health problems.

The presentation focuses on how to easily apply the Landscaping The Gut protocol starting today.

That’s right – You’ll be able to begin the protocol¬†today.


I’m not going to keep this presentation up forever because fairly soon there will be marketers and supplement sellers who swoop in to copy it word for word to sell some product of theirs. This is very common in the supplement industry. It’s called ‘swiping’ text or video content and repurposing it for other products or services. So please watch this now (if you’re reading this then obviously the video is still up) and don’t just bookmark it and (never) come back to it later!