Would you prefer to take a probiotic for the rest of your life …. or for a few days?

Pretty easy answer, right.

So why do people continue to take a supplement every day when the results are so minimal?

It’s the same reason we’ve all done it… Hope.

Hope that it will magically kick in and start working after weeks and weeks of no effect whatsoever.

The only reason why people NEED to continuously take a probiotic is because the benefits take way too long to appear – AND – because all the benefits disappear as soon as you stop taking it.

In other words: The results take forever to materialize…. AND, they’ll disappear the moment you stop the probiotic!

It’s no surprise. The vast majority of probiotics available are NOT being sold to you by someone who:

  • Researches probiotic science and human health
  • Develops technology in this field
  • Manufactures the product in their own facility
  • Uses the short-course, ultra high strength probiotic approach to bring about effects within the first 3 days and lets the results do the talking.

Hi, I’m Karl Seddon and I’m the founder and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic. The short-course, ultra high strength approach to probiotics.

So back to our question: why do normal probiotics take way too long to have an effect AND their effects disappear within a few days of stopping them (if there were any effects to begin with) ?

It’s because normal probiotics – in other words, everything that the average marketer would sell to you – are simply conventional, off-the-shelf, weak probiotics.

Emphasis on the word WEAK.

They usually come in strengths of 10 Billion bacteria per dose.

Elixa Probiotic is 500 Billion bacteria per dose.

FIFTY times stronger.

So you’re probably wondering…. Why does a higher dose make such a dramatic difference?

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